The Xpress-PRO helps users to manage data and to stay connected with full power all the time. It is an ultimate mobile assistant to save time and to promote maximum convenience.



If you are tired of carrying multiple devices on the move, think about a single compact device that could perform better than 3 devices put together. Xpress-PRO could replace your old external hard drive, provide extra charging battery, and avoid those annoyingly tangled cables with just one compact device with improved function and usability.

Xpress-PRO prevents frustration when traveling, when high demands on the capacity of the device are made: it assures high charging and memory capacity.
— Statement by the RedDot Jury


Imagine this common scene at the airport. А large group of travelers surrounding one of the few airport power outlets that provides the opportunity to plug in their mobile devices for charging. Inevitably, a few of them may be lucky enough to give their device a little juice, while the others walk away with nothing but a dead mobile device. Does this sound familiar to you? Are you juggling too many things while traveling and finding it a real struggle to try and not leave anything behind? It is quite embarrassing to be travelling with multiple tech gadgets and eventually getting stuck at the security screening gate due to increased security concerns now days. 



A key solution to this is to make tech gadgets slim lined and easy to transport. 

Wouldn't it be amazing if a package the size of a credit card did everything you need for your modern mobile devices? The Xpress-PRO charges your mobile devices to Keep You Connected All Day, and it provides enough storage capacity for you to Back up a Great Deal of Data. On top of that, you can enjoy all types of media content (movies and music) stored in the Xpress-PRO during your long travels!



  • Memory Type: Built-in Micro SD (32GB~ 64GB) 
  • Battery Capacity: 3.7V High Transfer Efficiency Li-poly Battery (1500mAh)
  • Cable Length: 7inch for Each Cable 
  • Dimension for 1500mAh: 55.7mm(2.19inch) х 101mm(3.97inch) х 16.7mm(0.65inch)
  • Weight: 106g (0.23lb) for 1500mAh
  • Control Interface: Intuitive Control Rotary Switch Type 
  • Material (Housing): Extruded Aluminum Alloy + CNC Processing
  • Material (Inner Case): PC/ABS
  • Material (Cable): TPU, PVC




The Xpress system is a multi-functional storage device for PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The Xpress system has a standard USB interface for PC, MAC connection and a Lightning interface for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch connection (or Micro USB interface for other mobile devices). When it connected to PC with USB interface, it can be used as an external storage device. The Xpress system helps users to manage data and to stay connected with full confidence all the time. It is an ultimate mobile assistance to save time and to promote maximum convenience.